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Assignment # 2 Extra ~ Werewolves

I would like you to read a werewolf story. It can be a short story or a novel. I would like to tell me the Title, author, and a little mini report. About 1 paragraph about the plot, and one paragraph about what you thought of the book. I'm offering 25 points for a short story, or 75 for a full story. I'm making this assignment "Extra" because, I figure some people will have no desire to read a werewolf story, while others will not have the time for reading, with school starting.
If you are not sure what to read and would like a recommendation let me know.

You have until the 2nd of Oct. I'm also offering a 1 week grace period on this assignment as well!

James ~ DADA
Tags: ec assignment 2, fall term, werewolves
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