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Alright class the first assignment of the new term.

Tell us about you....

Name -

House -

Postions -

What is your favorite Book(HP or Not) -

Tell me what you think about musicals - 

If you were stuck on a deserted Island and could have one thing with you what would you have -

If you could change one thing from the past what would it be... Think about all the changes to the world... ie if you killed Hitler, then WWII would not have happened, then maybe your Grandparents would not have meet, then you would not exist, would you do it anyways.... Just give me a quick run down of what you would change and some highlights of changes to the World-

What do you want to cover this term-

I will try and have two assignments a week... One required, one extra. You do not have to do the Extra assignment, they are just there to give people who what to earn a lot of points the option, however you will not get the Exrta without doing the Regular assignment for that week. 

I hope to have a fun class!

James   Gryffindor   DADA Professor

(I have to find my sigs again)

BTW all the assignment due dates will be on the Profile page, I am really bad about remembering to add it, so if it is not on the assignment look there... 

Also this survey is required for all students! You will not get any points ths term if you do not do this! It is due in two weeks for all students unless you join late then it is due two weeks after you join the class...
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