j_belletto (j_belletto) wrote in chdada,

EC Assignment #1

For your Extra Credit assignment this week I would like the class to do Signatures for your class mates. Take a look at the Replies to the welcome survey. Take a look and see what positions they hold, what House they are in, and make them a signature with their Name. Take a look at their interests and make them accordingly. Since we have not an Art Class we will have some creative fun with DADA.

You may do 4 Signatures for Credit at 10 points a piece. For a total of 40 points. I hold the right to award extra as I see fit... and HAVE FUN!!!! Remember no points will be awarded if you have not completed the Regular assignment.

This assignment will also me due March 1st. However after a one week grace period, with a 10% deduction, I will not give any points.

James ~ Gryffindor ~ DADA
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