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Assignment 2

I love Vampires... they are my favorite dark creature...

Your assignment~ I am not sure if you are aware of the RPG Vampire the Masquerade. Take a look on google or Wikipedia and do a little report on the clan of your choose. The only stipulation is that you do not do one already done...
The Clans are~
Assamite · Baali · Brujah · Caitiff · Cappadocian (V:DA) · Daughters of Cacophony (V:TM) · Followers of Set · Gangrel · Giovanni (V:TM) · Harbingers of Skulls (V:TM) · Kiasyd · Lasombra · Malkavian · Nosferatu · Ravnos · Salubri · Samedi (V:TM) · Toreador · Tremere · Tzimisce · Ventrue

Due April 4th

This assignment will be worth 40 base points... More Points for students that really get in the the assignment.

James ~ Gryffindor ~ DADA ~ HoH
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