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Next Assignment

This is Due April 25th.... that gives you guys plenty of time.

You guys did some great Ads for Wicked Witch and Wizard Weekly... they where fun... Now I want to to do another... only this time instead of a Curse you are to do a Dark Creature.  

So make a dark Creature. Mix creatures that you know of or make your own up from scratch. Make a Picture and an AD... 
What is your Creature, where does it live, what does it eat, what is Dark about it... are all things that should be in the AD along with reasons I would want to buy it... 

50 Points per Ad! (You can do another Creature for Extra Credit, for a total of two) Plus the creature I decide to "buy" wins it's owner's house another 50 points!

Have fun!

James ~ Gryffindor ~ DADA ~ HoH 
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