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Alright Class! I am going to start putting assignments up... 

I will have One normal assignment and one extra Credit assignment for each subject. The extra credit assignement will more involved and/or more creative then the regular assignment. They will be worth a little more according to the amount of work I think they will take. Also you will not get credit for the extra credit assignment if you have not done the regular assignment for that subject. 

I am not going to do the assignments but weeks... I am going to just put up as many as I can, whenever I can... however I will do the due dates a week later from the last. assignment. i.e. Assignment 1 will be due in two weeks, as well as the EC assignment. Even if I get ASsignment 2 up that same week I will have the due date three weeks. I don't want to overwelm you.

We are going to try and keep participation up this term! We have some new blood coming in and we should get some real excitment going! We love HP and it shouldn't matter if the books are done there will always be thing to do and movies to wait for for a couple more years!

Lets have some fun!

James ~ DADA Professor

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