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 I am sorry I have not been more active, but there is an illness in my family that has made it hard for me to focus on doing anything but sleeping.... But Here is another assignment.

Curses and Jinxes and Hexes~ 

Match the list of Curses to the list of descriptions. Three Points per match.

1 ~Conjunctivitus Curse
4 ~Avada Kedavra
5~ Petrificus Totalus
9~ Bat-Bogey Hex
10~ Oppugno
12~ Imperio
13~ Morsmordre
14~ Serpensortia

a~Conjures a serpent from the spell caster’s wand
b~Grotesquely enlarges the target's bogeys, gives them wings, and sets them attacking the target.
c ~  Causes conjured objects to attack
d~ Used to temporarily bind the victim's body in a position much like that of a soldier at attention; the victim will usually fall to the ground
e~ Conjures the Dark Mark, Voldemort's mark. It is conjured when the Death Eaters had killed someone in a place.
f~ Causes anything that the spell meets to explode.
g~ Allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim, allowing the caster to see the memories, thoughts, and emotions of the victim.
h~Inflicts unbearable pain on the recipient of the curse.
i~ Causes the teeth of the recipient to grow at an alarming rate
j~ Causes the victim of the curse to obey the spoken/unspoken commands of the caster
k~ Causes a bright green flash and a rushing noise; the curse causes instant death to the victim.
l~Turns its target to stone
m~ A curse that causes great pain to the victim's eyes
n~ Causes a blindfold to appear over the victim's eyes, obstructing their view of their surroundings.
o~ Makes victim's legs dance uncontrollably, so the victim cannot control his or her movements

 James ~ Gryffindor ~ HoH ~ DADA
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