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Announcments and Assignment Three

 Hello Class!
First I would like to aplogize for not putting a due date on the last assignment... Usually with a due date I take off 10% for every day late, but with that assignment there will be no deduction for turning it in late. However the due date would most likely have been next week, it gives you guys plenty of time. 

2nd ~ Any new students can do past assignments for full credit, because you joined the class late you are freed from the due dates on any assignment posted before you joined or the week you joined. Your due date becomes the end of the term.

3rd~ Your assignment

This assignment will be in parts.... First I would like you all to choose a country. Post what country you choose as a comment and I will tell you the rest of the assignment. This assignment will be worth quite a bit. 

James ~ Gryffindor ~ DADA ~ HoH 

DUE ~ Aug 10
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