j_belletto (j_belletto) wrote in chdada,

Assignment #1

Assignment #1~

For your first assignment I will go with something creative. I did is assignment a term or two ago and really liked it. Your assignment is to come up with a Curse. This Curse an be anything you want...
You will Come up with~
Wand Movements~
Description of what it does~
Ad for "Wicked Wizard and Witch Weekly"~ "W.W.W.W." is a magazine for Dark Wizards. Your ad is to have a text section and a Piture of what this curse will do.

I will give 50 points if you do all the above. Back Down is 5 points for Name, wand movements, incantation, and Description and 15 for each the Text for the Ad and the Picture.

This will be due March 1st. Assignments Turned in late will have 10% deducted for each week late. Remember to do the extra Credit assignment you must do this assignemt.

James ~ Gryffindor ~ DADA
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