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Assignment One

Your first assignment class is a matching. This and EC assignment one will be about dark creatures. I have 10 creatures and 10 description that need to be matched. 3 points per match for a total of 30 points. It will be due in two weeks, June 24th.

1  Pogrebin
3 Chimaera
4 Red Cap
5 Basilisk
6 Manticores
7 Banshee
8 Yeti
9 Nogtail
10 Dementor

A A wizard-bred dark creature of enormous power, this extremely poisonous giant serpent (up to 50 feet in length) is brilliant green in color with long thin saber-like fangs and bulbous yellow eyes (see more below). This creature can live for at least 900 years given an adequate food supply, and as it can eat most vertebrates (including humans), this is not difficult to achieve. The male can be distinguished from the female by the scarlet plume on its head, but basilisks are usually magically rather than normally bred.

B Some of the most bloodthirsty Scottish elves are the Lowland castle spirits. By some accounts these creatures are said to live only in castles with a history of violence. Others say they live in all Lowland peel-towers [fortified houses or towers]. It may well be that both accounts are true...This creatures main occupation is colouring their hats, which they dye with human blood. They throw boulders on to travellers from their towers, then catch the blood in their hats. As soon as the blood dries and the colour fades, this creature looks for new victims. They also foretell disasters by making a loud noise like the beating of flax.

C A vicious, bloodthirsty creature with a lion's head, a goatès body, and a dragon's tail. This creatures eggs are classified as Class A Non-Tradable Goods. Dai Llewellyn, the famous Caerphilly Catapults player, was killed by this creature while on holiday in Greece.

D They feed on positive human emotions; a large crowd is like a feast to them. They drain a wizard of his powers if left with them too long. They are the guards at Azkaban and make that place horrible indeed. There are certain defenses one can use against Dementors, specifically the Patronus Charm. This creatures breath sounds rattling and like it's trying to suck more than air out of a room. Its hands are "glistening, grayish, slimy-looking, and scabbed". It seems to exude cold.

E A Dark creature with the appearance of a woman with floor-length black hair and a skeletal, green-tinged face. Its screams will kill. Seamus Finnigan is particularly afraid of this creature. The Bandon Banshee was supposedly defeated by Gilderoy Lockhart, but was actually defeated by a witch with a hairy chin.

F Found in rural areas across Europe, Russia, and America; a Dark Creature (classified as a demon) resembling a piglet, but stunted with narrow black eyes, a thick stubby tail, and long legs. These creatures curse farms. This creature slips into a pigsty and suckles an ordinary pig; the longer it goes undetected, the longer the curse that falls upon the farm. This creature is very fast and difficult to catch, but if chased off the farm by a pure white dog it will never return. See the Pest Sub-Division of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures for assistance with problems from this creature.

G These annoying little creatures are native to Russia. They love to follow people around, infusing them with a sense of hopelessness until the human collapses, at which point the creature attempts to devour them. This creature resembles a grey rock with a small hairy body and it hides by crouching down and pretending to be nothing but a harmless stone

H A sentient creature, capable of intelligent speech but not classified as a being due to its violent tendencies, this creature has a human-like head, a lion's body, and the tail of a scorpion. The tail secretes a venom that is instantly fatal to a victim of its sting. This creatures skin repels virtually all known charms, so it is extremely difficult to subdue by magic. In 1296, this creature seriously wounded someone but was let off because no one dared go near it. Hagrid bred the Blast-Ended Skrewt from this creature and a fire crab; we do not know how he persuaded the creature to cooperate. 
This creature originated in Greece. Although this is never stated, it seems possible that like the acromantula, this creature may have originated as a wizard-bred species specifically created to guard treasures, strongholds, and the like, and thus serving as an example of why the Ban on Experimental Breeding is so important.

I Native to Tibet, this tall (up to 15 feet) white-furred humanoid creature may be related to the troll (unlike giants, this creature fears fire), but as it will attempt to attack and eat any human (or just about anything else, for that matter) that it meets, no witch or wizard has had an opportunity to study a living one of these creatures at close range. Ironically, however, Tibet is one of the most persistent offenders of Clause 73 of the International Code of Wizarding Secrecy due to the number of sightings by Muggles, to the point that a permanent International Task Force is stationed in Tibet to help control the situation.

J An African snake, Dispholidus typus, with extremely nasty venom. The skin, which is mostly green in males and mostly brown in females, serves the snake well as camouflage, and is used for Polyjuice Potion. Snape keeps this creatures skin in his private stores.

James * Gryffindor * HoH * DADA

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